02 January 2008

Dissidia: Final Fantasy


In May last year was released information during "Square Enix Party" about a new Final Fantasy Action Game named "Dissidia: Final Fantasy" .

Now in the "Jump Festa" 2008, the information was confirmed and this game will be released but it have no release date yet.Dff_screenshot_002

The game run for Playstation Portable, it's genre is described as "Dramatic Progressive Action" (like a metal music genre?, well), will have 3D graphics.

The game will have a battle system wireless from PSP to PSP, the goal of the game is the same as all fighting games bring opponent's hp to 0.

The most interesting part of the game will be the characters, there will be different characters from the main series of Final Fantasy, these are the confirmed:

Final Fantasy I: Warrior of Light, Garland.

Final Fantasy II: Firion, Emperor Palamesia,

Final Fantasy VII: Sephiroth.

Final Fantasy VII: Squall Leonheart, Ultimecia.

Final Fantasy IX: Zidane Tribal, Kuja.

Final Fantasy X: Tidus, Jecht.

There will be a new character Cosmos as the God of Light and Chaos will be there as the god of Darkness.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy (Trailer)

Now lets hope it releases in America too ad not only in Japan. I hope it comes out in 2008.

About the characters my personal opinion is that Tidus and Sephiroth are great. What about Cloud not confirmed yet? He's going to be there it's not like they are going to put some one else. But the character I'm really waiting to play is Jecht, definitely an ass kicking character.

Sources: wikipedia, kotaku.

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