02 January 2008

Dual Screen Wallpapers

It's good start the year with some changes. My PC is something I am seeing constantly everyday so change the wallpaper is a relevant change to start the year. I'd like to share some really good Dual Screen Wallpapers from the 4chan.

This wallpapers are really good in design and very useful for those who use this dual screen very often or always. I hate to see my wallpaper stretched when I put the other screen so here are 6 wallpapers for the job.


This one is awesome, and I like that the left half works as normal wallpaper by it's own.


I hope 2008 will bring one of the best games' sequels in years. A Starcraft Wallpaper.


I like cityscapes at first this looks like comic drawing but it's an amazing photo. I wouldn't use this as wallpaper because I get vertigo.


This drawing is cool and works with only the left half too. 


There must be someone who likes it


To get out of the Matrix. 

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