16 March 2008

A blog that make money: EZ Money Online

I'm glad to make a review for this site and being the first is better yet.

As you know there's plenty of blogs that make money online and plenty of blogs that tell you how to make money online too. So it's cool to have the chance to review what I think is one that works.

Suzanne have been making money online for about 10 years already and tells you how you can make it too in EZ Money Online, using technics and services that have been proved, those work.


This is one of the most sincere and coherent money making blogs too, it don't pretend to make you earn a million dollars in just one day, it tells you the best way to monetize all that effort that you already make in your blog, and with work and dedication, to quit your regular and boring job to make a living online.


As you can see the design of the blog is simple to understand and easy to navigate, it's a blog! like that one you have and want to monetize.

Another thing I like from this blog is the humor it uses on things. One of the best things of not having a regular job is that there's no stress and hurries, there's always time for some online comic.


But the best part in my opinion are the reviews. There are some goods and some bad service, but it's always sincere and not the usual "sign up now" message. If it's bad Suzanne will tell you for sure.

The post Get Paid to Blog: Career Blogging have specially attracted my attention since some days ago (I'd like more frequent updates), it's about those people who think it's impossible to make money online, and about the misconception of making money online.

EZ Money Online is one of the Top 10 most popular entrecarders and it's 10 out of more than 5000. That's something.

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