04 March 2008

Drawing Anime in Photoshop

After watching at some videos of Anime Style Drawings in Corel Painter, I wanted to find some other videos for Photoshop, because it's the software I have been using since some years ago.


Happily I found these videos in YouTube from user aucifiel which are not only good, but they are very interesting specially the technic he uses for the coloring of the hair and faces.


Here's the video of the first drawing.

Haruhi x Mikuru - Speedpaint

I don't like the final result very much because of the bad position of the left character. But the work with the colors and lights is great.In the video's description states that the drawing took about 1.5 hours and 26hours to render the video.


Here's another one, much more simple.

Mikuru -- Full color walkthrough


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